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Ladies: If your boyfriend confessed bi feelings


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That can be entirely true that he will be faithful to you and does not want anything else. Even if someone is bicurious which it may be does not mean they going to run off with the next attractive guy. Everyone in relationships finds other people attractive but it does not mean they are going to act on it. I would believe him until there is proof otherwise. Take it that he feels close enough to you to tell you that and smile.

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Well, that did happen to me. My bf is very bicurious and has had some bi experiences. Not full out sex, but experiences. He is still wrestling with it. At times it really turns him on, and at times it disgusts him because it turns him on. Maybe years from now, if we're both feeling the need for something different we'll both act on our bisexual fantasies. But until then, and keep in mind, it will be a joint decision, we are happy to fantasize and act out things in the bedroom that simulate his bisexual urges. For example he loves having his prostrate stroked, in other words being f-ed anally by either my fingers or a dildo. He loves it. So, we explore and try new things that are just the two of us. At times while we are having sex, we'll talk each other thru a fantasy. Like if he's on top of me, we'll put a dildo in between our mouths and we'll both lick and suck off another man. It's fantasy play and for now, it keeps us happy.

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How would you feel? Lets assume, He says that he is attracted to men but will remain faithful to you. He is totally happy in the relationship and doesn't want anything(or anyone) else.

If this were the case then I would be happy that he came out and opened up to me. Then, I would use that opportunity to tell him the same exact thing since it applies to me as well.

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Depends on whether he's a true bi-sexual, or it is just a passing fantasy, or else whether he's genuinely gay and in denial because he doesn't want to be gay.


If he's genuinely gay and in denial, that usually means eventually he'll quit denying his true self and leave you to lead a gay lifestyle rather than live with a woman.


I wouldn't rule him out for having bi-sexual fantasies, but i would certainly pay close attention before I married him, to make sure it is not just denial that will change later.

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