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I cried a little bit earlier...

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I think that is very normal what you just did ....you're lost and lonely yourself right now ........trying to grasp at something to move on .....even if you don't know what that is .......I know I sure don't my heart is broken in two myself.


To see them there may be a sign that they have moved on or are just doing what you just did. If they posted a profile I guess its saying I'm ready for something new.


So stay awhile, some a little longer but very few stay forever ....and that means broken hearts along the way.

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Hi hope you are feeling bit better. Its a shock to the system for sure. Just dont do what I did and berate them down the phone! 'shudders at the memory' that was bad!!


Best thing to do avoid the site from now on as you'll be complelled to view the page...easier said than done, but it can be and you'll see it in perspective eventually

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