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Where can I get information from about abusers?


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I want information on verbal abusers and everything about them. Such as like what they're thinking when they are abusing and what are ways to avoid and things like that. Just pretty much everything about them. Web sites and books would help.


And please NO rude comments or smart comments.

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There is a wealth of information out there. For books, go to link removed and do a search on verbal abuse. Google "verbal abuse" and you will get a lot of websites dedicated to this.


There really is no way to avoid another person abuse except to remove yourself from their company. Abuse is never about the person receiving the abuse, it is all about the abuser, so another cannot prevent or stop their abuse. Until they seek psychological help and treatment, it's pretty rare they will stop that pattern of behavior.


Good luck with your search, hope you are not involved with a abusive person. Not a good situation, been there.

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I found a great site on google when I was with a verbally abusive man. I was sitting down one day, and thinking about it, and I typed it in. And this list came up from a website and I realized that many of the things he did to me were on that list. I left him, and I have been MUCH happier since.


Its hard to realize your a victim sometimes until you do. Sometimes it takes strength...the belief that you can survive without that person (abusers have a way of making you feel like you have to stay with them...its a fear thing) When you're out of it, it becomes more plainly clear.

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