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I can't help but wonder about a few things she keeps talking about. Am I looking too far into this?

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I know that I may be looking too much into this but I can't help but wonder about a few things.


A few months ago she was telling about how when she graduates high school that she is going to a technical college, moving to Jersey (her home state), and going to college there. She leaves to visit her family in Jersey over the summer vacation and when she comes back it all changes from "me" and "I'm going to" to "us" and "I want us to/we are going to". I haven't told her whether I wanted to go with her or not (yet). She even went on her own (I didn't know about it) and got all the information she could get on every course that the college had that was even remotely relevent to my field of study (I decided what I wanted to study in my Sophmore year in high school). It just comes a little surprising to me that her being gone for two months and suddenly starts talking about how she wants me to move away with her (which will be in 3-4 years at the least).


And yesterday she asked me why my mother and I had different last names and I told her that it was because I never thought to change my last name (my parents are divorced). I told her about how I dislike my father and was thinking about changing my last name. She interrupted me, asking (her exact words) "So which name will I take if we get married?". I told her that it was her choice. She can take my father's last name, my mother's, or I could take her last name. (Although I think it may be a little weird because her father's first and middle name are the same as mine).

It is actually very out of character for her to even speak of marriage, saying that she is too young to even think of it. I can't help but wonder if she was asking out of innocent curiosity or if there is actual meaning behind her inquiring about it.

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I don't really know what your question is, but I think that you should pick your college because you want to go there not the one she wants you to go. Just keep in mind that even if you guys might get married, things can change. People change alot once they get in college and "find themselves". So comments about last names aren't really important right now.

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I'm not choosing my college because she wants me to go. From everything I have read about the college itself it actually sounds like a good school. A lot of the psychology courses appear to be very proficient. A lot more than I could say about the colleges where I live (psychology courses aren't too good, I've visited many colleges near my area).


I'm basically asking why she seems to have such a change in attitude and behavior

If she is actually thinking about marriage

and if I am looking too much into the entire thing (I know that I tend to do that a lot)

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I think you are looking too much at the entire thing. I think that the statements about marriage were just out of curiosity to see what her "maybe" future last name would be. I used to do that when I first started going out with my bf, I also said I was too young to be married, I still think I am actually and I was 19, now I'm 23 and were still together. I think that you should just do what you want to do. If it's right for you then go to the college, I can't tell you if she is thinking about marriage, maybe she is now ,but like I said, lots of people change during college.

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