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Going to see ex but don't want too anymore

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I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in this kind of situation before and what they did:


My ex and I were going out for 3 years when I broke it off. She changed a lot in those 3 years and I couldn't imagine spending a lifetime with this new her. Even so, we have remained close friends, though she moved accross the country with her family.


I promised her I'd go see her there, so I ordered plane tickets. That was like a month ago. Now, I'm 2 days from the day I leave, and I don't really want to go anymore. I've been talking to her on the phone and in the last like two weeks she's become even more of a new person and doesn't even sound like the girl I loved and was friends with. She annoys me so much that I can barely talk to her on the phone anymore. I fell asleep while talking to her on the phone today; that's how bad it's gotten.


I'm gonna go and try to enjoy my time there. It'll break her heart if I don't go. I still care about her, so I gotta respect my promise and try to have a good time. And, once I'm home, I'll try to start some level of NC with her.

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I didn't really want to get into it, but she has changed her religious beliefs. I am ok with someone being religious but when I met her she wasn't even religious. Now she is so devoted, that that's all she wants to talk about. She doesn't even talk to me anymore. Our conversations are like: "How was your day?" "That's not important. What's important is Jesus saving our souls, so we need to praise him." and then she'll go on and on with scripture and all this. I have my own beliefs but she wants to go into depth and change everyone into the type of Christian she is now.


I sometimes say, "can we please talk about something else? tell me about your day." and she'll say it's not important cause i don't know when Jesus will come back.


(Before this, if you look in my old posts you'll see she's been changing for years in more ways than just religion. But, the religion switch has made her into a personality I don't even recognize over the phone anymore. But, I was really asking for other peoples' stories.)

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My Opinion, since you asked, if she is that "devoted" and it completely rules ALL her thoughts and conversations as you say, bail.


Go somewhere else. In time that level of "devotion" may subside to a more...

normal level of religion that will enable her to inter-act without spouting scripture. That type of person can be very hard to be around period.

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In case anyone cares, I did end up going and it was actually really fun. It's weird being just friends with someone I used to be more with, but I had a good time. And, by the end of the vacation, I felt as though we were almost together again. And then, I had to leave and I was sad. At least the scripture and religious stuff wasn't 24/7, since her family gets annoyed with it too.


Now that I'm back, I miss her, of course, but she is back to just talking about God on the phone. I guess I had fun on the trip, but we are just friends now and I'm ready to move on. I think. haha.

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