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N.E. New Jersey


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I'm looking to move to the New Jersey/New York region in a couple of years after finishing undergrad studies here on the West Coast. Even though it is a couple years away, I'm starting to check out the apartment rates. For those of you who have spent an extended amount of time or have lived in North-Eastern New Jersey (Newark, Hoboken, etc.), what was your experience like?

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Hi guy, I've lived about 5-6 miles outside of NYC my whole life. Hoboken has really gone upscale the past decade or so and Newark is following suit. Here in the `burbs condos are going up all over and priced pretty high.

It seems like the whole area is becoming an extension of New York's east Side.

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Hoboken is a nice little party town, with lots of bars and restaurants. Not the whole city, but one area, really. It also has the PATH train which takes you right into NYC, so if you work in the city your commute might not be too bad. Has a lot of what some people might call "yuppies" that live there - lol


Newark is, meh . . . I went to undergrad there, and would never live there.


Everything just outside the city in Northern NJ is extremely trafficy (as are some other suburbs of NYC) . . . fast paced . . . and it is not a cheap place to live. Granted, you will find something with affordable rent, but you might have to sacrifice in quality and area (unless you're willing to have a few roommates, which would bring the cost down). Houses are ridiculously expensive; the closer you are to the city, the more crammed the houses are, and the smaller the backyards get.


Don't get me wrong -- there are nice places in northern NJ. There are some very nice towns indeed with very beautiful and expensive houses.


It all depends on what your income is like and what exactly you're looking for. Are you looking to rent something or buy? How far away from NYC are you willing to live?


PM me if you have any other questions, I'd be more than happy to help out.

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