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Im curious walking down street I find it sometimes awkward passing people and not smiling or saying Hi or 'good morning' but instead looking down at the floor pretending to be interested in the surroundings (which consists of me rapidly moving my head in all direction but forward). I have series of what I think are nervous reactions rubbing the bit between your eye and nose. Pulling things out of my pocket like mobile or receipt.



and just letting them past with a serious expression on my face. I cant seem to relax. Okay, im not an extreme case. However I would like to pull a smile and publicly play with my expressions.

E.g I was walking past a girl that looked the same age as me,

And the idea of putting my hand up and saying 'HI 5' to her would of been a fun icebreaker but didn't have the balls.


As well as opening my mouth saying things

with volume and also a tone that doesn't sound crocky or a splutter.

I can visualize having a really high energy and carm and composed face


and being able to open my mouth and cheerfully say things. In the moment

And say in such away that doesn't sound like i'm trying to pick them up, but just trying to make an effort an be cheerful..




any views.....

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Nobody hates getting a "Hi!" and a smile. I always try to do this. It is up to the people in this world to make it a better place for everyone. I don't have a lot of money, but I sure can smile and say hello. If you're really shy, take baby steps like just putting a little grin on your face that isn't directed at others. When you get used to that, work on a short greeting. It really does become easier with time. Plus, you could make a terrible day better for another person, think of that!

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Start off slow. Instead of waving hello and starting a conversation right away, try one step at a time.


Set goals for yourself. Each day, make a goal to keep your head up and smile to at least 3 people. Then the next week 6 people, ..etc. And when you are comfortable with that, do the same thing with hello's, and then conversations..etc.


Just remember, not everyone is friendly. (Well at least not where I'm from! haha.) So, if someone doesn't smile or say hello back, don't take it personal, although most will, and I think it is a good thing to do, to break out of your shell and be a better person.

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Plus, you could make a terrible day better for another person, think of that!


I agree.


I have had really bad days, and a stranger will hold a door for me and tell me to have a great night- or something as simple as that, and I truly appreciate it, and it puts me in a better mood.

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Have you been doing the exercises I sent you?


By the way, some more exercises:


Whenever you enter a coffee-shop, ask the barrista:


"Excuse me. I'm just curious. But how long does it take to train for a coffeeshop?"


Imagine that you're doing a school assignment. Report back here when you find out how long Starbucks, Blenz, and Second Cup training takes respectively.


Then, you should push your coffee-shop conversation longer and more interesting. For instance, ask the barrista how she feels about the correlation between inflation and the price of coffee.


After you've done this for a while, start teasing the barrista whenever you can. For instance, ask her what she usually orders at Starbucks. If she says something expensive, then say, "Haha, rich girl, eh?"


I do this all the time now. It's great fun to talk to barristas, especially since they remember you the next time. I don't even try to pick them up. It's just a great way to start a day or an evening off with high energy.

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