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Got through to 2nd app stage: shadowing for a day! Any Tips?

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Hey I went for a job as a marketing assistant think I came over well as I was asked to come back for the next stage at the end of the interview


So next wednesday I will be attending an assessment day when basically I shadow someone there and have to impress them with my confidence and communication skills, ahem


It will involve meeting alot of different business people and possibley doing a presentation to the MD...


Im quite nervous because although I come accross quite confident in a one on one situation, Im feeling very insecure and inadequte about the idea of having to impress a room full of people. That said Im going to give it my all and Ive been made aware that what they are looking for initially is potential...


Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similer or could just give me some advice on how I should approch something like this.


apparently I find out at the end of the day if ive got the job, so to say I feel under pressure is an understatment!!


Thank you

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This is why you give so many presentations in college. They are a part of most people's work detail. Give it your best shot and enjoy it! I love to get up in front of people and strut my stuff! Just believe that you are the one, best, thing they have all been waiting for. Good luck!

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Thats very true...It might be considered worrying though that I dreaded presentations in college!....but thats part of the reason I really want this job so it pushes me out of my comfort zone and I know Ill develop so many new skills and more confidence. I guess Im just afraid of making a complete fool of myself lol

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