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We Met 4 The 1st Time on Tuesday August 5th !!! ♥

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OMG !!! First off, Im just gonna thank everyone that helped me on my last threads. You were such a big help and i appreciate it so muchhhh !!!!! All of the advice, tips, and words of wisdom, i am really thankful for !!! So thanx so much everyone you guys are lifesavers !!!!!


So first of all, I woke up, POPPED out of bed, so excited to meet the love of my life for the first time in person !!!! I was soooo nervousssss !!!!


I put my dress on, did my hair and makeup, put jewlery on, etc. Got it just perfect for him and then I asked my mom her opinion, She said i look beautiful and i was happy i was having a good hair day !!! I ate, brushed my teeth, that kinda stuff, etc.


Then my mom and I went 2 a Diabetes class we had to go 2 for about an hour. It was held from 10 to 11, and after it was just about over, We left and was on our way to the Greyhound Bus Station !!!!!!


Since its pretty busy and easy to get lost in downtown Saint Pete, my mom parked, and we walked about a block to the station. As soon as i saw the station, butterflies fluttered in my stomache !!! i was NERVOUSSS !!! Questions kept going thru my head... What will he think of me ?? Will he think im just as beautiful in person as in my pictures and webcam ?? I hope my deodarant and perfume lasts thru out the day !!! Will I kiss him ?? Just sooo much thoughts running thru my head i didnt know what to do !! why mom asked me if i was nervous n im like omg YES !!! she's like just be yourself, etc and im like i know, i will, im not fake !!!


So then my mom and me opened the door to enter the station, and as we walked in, David walked out. He had saw me coming down the street and to the door from inside !!! We gave eachother a big long hug right when we saw eachother and said hi !!! i felt tingly all over !!!!! my mom and David introduced themselves and said hi, and David said thank you to her, he was really polite, which i was really happy about because i really wanted my mom to like him !!!! So then, he handed me a little white gift bag with pink butterflies on it !! it was really pretty !! He's like "Here, I got a present for you" Im like "Awl thank you" and i could feel myself blushing, i was so scared, and i gladly accepted it.


My mom, David, and me walked the block to the car, and we all got in the car. I sat in the back with him. We couldnt stop looking at eachother, and when i looked at him, he looked away. when he looked at me, i looked away. It was awkward !!! But each time our eyes kept meeting !!!! We couldnt stop staring at eachother. So then my mom and David talked in the car, she asked you know, the motherly stuff, like hows vacation in florida, hows your sister your mother, etc .... So my mom asked has he ever been to the St Pete Pier and he said no, so since we were right there and stuff, we went to the pier !!! We walked around and went into some stores and looked around, and some stores we didnt go into cuz it was just alil awkward, us walking 2gether. but we walked right next to eachother, and my mom was in front of us, so we followed her. We kept looking eachother and i still felt weird to look at him. He was soooo handsomeeee omgg so sexy !!!!!


My body felt all shaky !!! I thought, wow this is my boyfriend, he's mine, all minee !!!! And this is the person im gonna share my life with i just know it !!! how can someone like me get such a handsome boy like THISSS !! this must be a dream !!! Am i really meeting him after a year and 5 months ?? WOW!!


So then my mom asked if we wanted something to eat or drink, we agreed on having something 2 drink since it was pretty hot outside. After we got our drink, we went outside, and sat down on the patio table thing, and talked a while. He told us about Wet N Wild, the theme park and a whole bunch of stuff for a few minutes and then thats when my mom was like, "Selana, are you gonna open your gift??" Im like ooh yeah !!! so i opened it, and inside it was a pair of earbuds for my ipod, PINK ones {{my fave color of course}}. With silver crystal rhinestones !!! and on the cord thing it had a pendant type thing, it was of a heart and it was real shiny !!!! it hard to explain and then im like "awl thank you so much David i love it !!!" then he's like, "yeah it has our initials on it, too on the heart " im like omg thats so sweet thanx so much !!!!!! and i gave him a hug and my mom liked it alot too !!!


After we finished our drink, we went back inside the pier shoppe place, and looked around at the stores that we missed. My mom went into a few with us, but for all the other shoppes she sat on the bench outside of the shop, and we went inside and looked. When we were in one of them he's like so Selana your not gonna hold my hand ?? and i caught myself blushing and said "Im shy im sorry " and smiled. We held hands in the shop, it was really nice !!! And then we were looking at some shirts and the cute sayings and making jokes and stuff, and we hugged again XD sdfasl;dfas;df i loveeee him !!!! Then he took a stuffed animal and hit my ass with it because i took one n hit him in the arm with it !!! {{Stuffed animal fighttt !!!}} then he went behind me n aqueezed my ass !!!! =X lmao !!!! it was great , ill admit it tho !!! So then we were laughing alot and having fun. He kept being sweet and offerring to buy me something but im like nooo dont spend your money on me seeing you is enuff !!! and thats all i want is to spend time with youu !!!


My mom went to the restroom, so David and I waited outside the restroom for her. We were by all the brochures about Florida and St Pete, and David looked me in the eyes and was like "I love you Selana" and i could feel my self blushing again !!! I whispered, "I love you too David" It was sweet !!!!


We took a bus trolley thing, and there wasnt enuff seats next to eachother, so my mom offered to sit in the back and let us have the seat in the first row together. so we sat together real close. He took his hand and kinda rubbed my leg gently n he laguhed hes like is it obvious and im liek no i dont think so !!! we locked eyes and then the bus stopped and we had to get off. {{Thru out the whole day my mom me n him got along great we made jokes and everything and laughed alot together it was great !!!!}}



We eventually left after an hour or 2, and got in the car to go home. We couldnt keep our eyes off of eachother of course in the car !!! Then he pulls out his fone and texts something, im thinking hmm is he texting me, and he makes this lil signal to check my fone so i did. He had texting me saying to put my foot over his XD i thought it was actually pretty sweet so i did and we were playing footsie in the back seat !!! i was starting 2 get used to him and not being as nervous and shy thank god !!!!


We got home about 15 minutes later, and i showed him each part of my neighborhood {{including the crackhead street}} XD XD XD and he was like dont hang out there its dangerous im like i know better then that !!! and we all laughed and then we were at my house before we knew it !!! I ws like yeah so this is my house !! we went inside and my 2 dogs were really excited jumping on him sniffing him !!! including in the wrong area lmaooo !!! but yeah so then we sat at the dining room table for a while and talked and stuff and my mom asked if we wanted something for lunch. we both dditn really have an appetite tho, i think it was because we were so excited and nervous at the same time !! so then im like do you wanna see my room ?? he smiles hes like shure so then him and i went into my room {{Yes the door was open the whole time XD}} and showed him it and showed him some other stuff, including the now dead roses and balloons and teddy bear he had sent 2 my house for Valentines Day =]


We sat on my bed and talked i guess about nothing because we were looking at eachother the whole time !! and he kept putting his hand on my leg which made me feel really nice and tingly and happy XD !!!


So then after a few minutes, we were on my bed and he leans over and kisses my forehead XD i smiled and he's like, When should we kiss ?? or something among those lines, and i could tell we were both really shy and nervous and im like im shy !!! and then after a moment or so, he leans over to me and we kissed XD omgg lemme tell you it was the greatest feeling !!!!!!!!!! After a few seconds we kissed again, and we eventually added our tongues, and i just followed him, even tho it was his 1st kiss also !!! At first it was alil "salive-ly" but it was perfect and romantic the way it was and i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world !!!


For the whole day, we were in my room, yes, with the door still open, and my mom in the living room, but she couldnt see us XD David and me made out eventually and kissed alot and well, i guess you could say felt up on eachother ?? We had fun tho !! No sex tho !! But i think at one point it was hard to control ourselves !!! Thank god for my 2 dogs coming in and interruppting us lmao !!!


But i would say that was the best day of my life and it was really romantic !!! We were on my bed taking pictures with my digital camera and he put his arm around me and i laid my head on his chest, and we kissed so romantically !!! We cuddled on my bed, something we wanted 2 do sooo badly for the longest time !!! i felt so safe and secure with him, especially just being in his arms. We kept getting distracted from taking picutres, because it seems like all we did was look into eachothers eyes and kiss and cuddle. We did some other stuff i wont mention, but its not sex !!!! But it was just sweet and innocent and it felt so good to finally with him. He also gave me his chapstick that he had used, and i gave him mine XD Back for Valentines day he had bought us promise rings and sent me mine in the mail, and on tuesday when we we met, he took my promise ring and put it on my ring finger and said that he would never hurt me or lay a hand on me, and he loves me so much, we are gonna be together forever, that im so beautiful, and alot of sweet things !! He then kissed my hand, and then we kissed !!!


Then i did his nails !! When i start highschool in a few weeks, ill be taking cosmetology {{I wanna become a cosmetologist when i get older}} So i love doing that kind of thing !! i clipped his toenails and filed them and filed his nails and massaged his feet and put lotion on them i think it was pretty romantic !!


I had a bag of skittles... You kno that saying "I have skittles in my mouth, you wanna taste my rainbow??" Wellll.... i guess you could say i did that ?? He had some skittles in his mouth and we kissed and he tranfered them to my mouth !!! lmao !!! But i thought it was really sweet !!!


He kept saying how beautiful i was !!! And that made me so happpyy because i was scared that he wouldnt like me as much in person, i was afraid that the chemistry wasnt gonna be there !!! fortunately, it was !!!


I am sooo happy my mom gave us the chance to meet, Tuesday August 5th 2008 was the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life !!! I wanna let everyone know that if times are getting rough or hard, and theres alot of arguments and fighting going on while your away from eachother, just stick thru it, and get thru it, because in the end, when you see eachother, itss sooooo worth it and you wont regret sticking by eachother. Times may get rough, but after the pain, comes happiness, and as long as you guys love eachother and stick by eachothers side thats all that matters, no matter what. Remember to never just leave the person over an argument, because its not worth it to lose the person you love for the rest of your life. And maybe its all you really need in the end, is to see your true love in person.


Well, my stepdad came home from work, and him and David met and liked eachother alot also. My parents ordered pizza, so when the pizza came we all sat down at the dining room table and at dinner. During dinner my parents got to know David more, so that was a plus, and David and I couldnt stop staring and smiling at eachother. We played footsies under the table XD


So then we went back 2 my room, and talked some more, kissed some more, took some pictures, and cuddled on the bed. He kissed me on the neck and pulled me towards him and we had a nice romantic hug =]


After about an hour, my mom comes in my room and was like, "Its time to go back to the bus station" im like omggg nooo n im like "David dont leave me" and he could tell i wanted to cry so he took me in his arms and held me and calmed me down, it was such a great feeling. He put his shoes on and got ready, and we got in the car and drove to the bus station.


There, we waited inside. Him and me sat real close on the bench and my mom sat another seat down from us. i guess maybe she wanted 2 give us our space ?? i gues she really trusted us 2gether so thru out the whole day she gave us our space and time alone, which we were both really thankful for !!


We kept looking into eachothers eyes and smiling at one another. And we told eachother we were gonna miss eachother so muchhh !!! Then we saw his bus pull up outside. Thats when my heart sank and i became really teary and cried. i didnt want him 2 leave we had had so much fun and i was gonna miss him terribly. He took his finger and wiped my tear he's like are you ok whats wrong dont cry and i felt so cared about you know ??


My mom told him to be aware of weirdo's, as there are alot in florida, and be aware of his surroundings and be careful, which showed him that she cared and really liked him, i think XD


My mom started to walk outside, and turned her head to look at something, and before David n me walked outside, he's like "give me a kiss" and smiled, and so we kissed real quick !!! We snuck a kiss behind my mom !!!!!!!!!!!! We got outside, and I started crying and he hugged me really tight. He said thank you 2 my mom etc and they said goodbye and stuff, and David picked me up n hugged me really tight. i told him we will have to see eachother again really soon, and he told my mom n me that im always welcome to come 2 new york XD we said we will miss eachother sooo much and thank you and that we love eachother and he got on the bus, and i cried, and my mom and me walked to the car and got in. As the bus drove off, we waved to it, and as soon as David sat down and stuff he texted me saying he loves me so much and thank you and hes so happy we got too see eachother n to tell my parents that they rock !!! We text alot everyday lolz !!!


We drove home and David kept me updated and texted me the whole ride which was good, and we couldnt stop talking about our 1st time meeting !! When i got home, i laid on my bed where he laid with me, and it felt so good to know that he actually laid on this bed with me, its like i could feel the love you know what i mean ??


Im so happy we had the chance to meet. and now a few days later, i still cannt stop thinking or talking about it, it was like a dream come true for us, but i think we really deserved it because we waited well over a year. I know we fell alot more in love, and now all we are talking about is seeing eachother again !!!!


My mom and stepdad keep saying how he was a sweet nice guy, and wellmannered and had a good head on his shoulders, and all that good stuff !!




Thank you so much you guys for helping me !! I know this thread is long, its just that soo much happened !!!! and im still ecstatic that i met him !!!


I never felt like this before, the way i felt on tuesday had to be the best feeling i have ever had in my lifetime. i know im in love with him, and i just know were gonna be together forever ♥♥♥

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I'm glad it worked out for you and these truly are the best times...but can I just give a shout out to your mum? She sounds remarkable, not only letting you meet him by giving you space and trust to be with him...don't let her down.

Keep up the honesty.

So glad it worked out for you too.




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Awww you're just so cute, I smiled through out the whole post, I hope you're always happy He came all the way from New York to Florida on a bus to see you for a day? That's very very sweet.


Btw his gift of the earphones are awesome, you could tell he put a lot of thought into it, even though it's a relatively small gift. Bonus points on him for doing that!

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Ooh you guys are so sweet !! thanx so much !!! It was so amazing !!! What was your guys first time meeting your exes like ?? How and where did you guys meet and stuff ??


And well, When we were in the car and stuff and at the bus station taking him there so he can go back to Orlando, he brought up having me come to New York, since ive talked to his mom alot on the phone and she likes me alot, and since he has met me and my mother and stepfather now !!! My mom was kinda quiet, and im like "ooh mom could i ??!!" She said we will have to see and stuff and David's like, yeah i know how you feel because my sister was nervous letting me come here, since she didnt know my mom and me etc, which is understandable. And my moms like "Yeah i mean thats my lil girl" and we laughed n were like "awlll" Lmao !! I mean ive been to new york a few times, i took a plane alone up there to see my father since he lives up there, but i guess thats different lolz !!!! but yeah it was great !! and David and I are actually talking about seeing eachother again maybe in november ... when we have thanxgiving break... i mean he has i think a that thursday thru sunday off and i have the whole week... its weird how florida and new york have different breaks !!! But yeah maybe then ?? or we were talking about maybe for a weekend real soon or something, since schools gonna start back up for me on the 19th, and the weekends are the only time ill be able 2 go... or maybe even some of christmas break !!! but i dont wanna wait that long !! i wanna see him sooner than that !! does anyone have any ideas or anything or how i could bring it up with my mom so she will let me go ?? i mean her and Davids sister talked of course before we met, and i know my mom and Davids mom will have to talk..but besides that ??

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Ooh, and to bijoux27 ---


Uhm well he actually comes to Orlando, Florida in the summer to stay with his sister and brother in law and to see some of his family for just about the whole summer XD and we figured while he was in Florida... we could book him a ticket for the bus and he can take it over here and we can meet !!!!

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does anyone have any ideas or anything or how i could bring it up with my mom so she will let me go ?? i mean her and Davids sister talked of course before we met, and i know my mom and Davids mom will have to talk..but besides that ??


Is your dad still in New York? Maybe you could visit your dad and also get to see your bf during the break. Since your parent is there maybe your mom would be more open to that idea.

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Ooh, and to bijoux27 ---


Uhm well he actually comes to Orlando, Florida in the summer to stay with his sister and brother in law and to see some of his family for just about the whole summer XD and we figured while he was in Florida... we could book him a ticket for the bus and he can take it over here and we can meet !!!!


Oh k well I hope you see him more often

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Well... Yes my dad is still in New York... With my stepmother... They live in Long Island and David lives in the Bronx.. I actually went to see my dad last summer for about a month, and he is an alcoholic i guess i could say, so lets just say my vacation there kinda sucked and we argued alot !!! My dad is a pretty ridiculous person and whenever i would call David or text him for comfort my dad would get mad !!! {{He's real protective over me, im his only daughter, and well i guess he is like most fathers !!! Dont want a boy touching them !! Lmao !!!}} He's also alittle racist, which he knows it bothers me alot, and David is Guyanese, even tho he has known that !! But unfortuantely, that wouldnt work going to see him and stuff and with all the drama and not getting along with my dad !! Lolz !! Thanx so much tho !! Its deff a great idea !!

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