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Please help ...

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OMG..I cant stop crying, u have to read my other post to understand my strory. My ex has been gone for 7 weeks now! I got drunk last night and had sex with an ex from 8 years ago...hes is a awsome guy and great friend, when we dated 8 years ago we were just to young so we broke up on good terms.




But I feel horriable, I have been crying all day. I love my ex, and miss him very much. We were together for four years..engaged to be married. I cant believe I slept with someone else. Hes the only one I want. Why do I feel guilty and sad. Like I broke a special bond. MY ex hasnt even moved his stuff ou yet..he hasnt been here in 7 weeks though.


I only take pleasure in the fact that the the guy I slept with was an ex...so its not a new sexual partner! But it doesnt help!

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You're broken up so quit beating yourself up. You owe him nothing anymore.


He left you correct? It wouldn't matter either way, it's his loss. I understand you hurt for the loss of your EX and I'm sorry for your pain. But don't hurt hun, you should feel great you got laid! It's all part of letting go and moving on.

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Dont worry about it, your broken up, Im just coming out of a 2 year relationship.


I have heard that many times the first sex you have after a breakup most of the times feels like your cheating. Im dreading this feeling.


But chin up, its difficult, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. you just have to keep moving forward.

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