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Has she lost interest? What the hell is going on?


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Yeah, you're right. It's just hard for me to understand. I can't seem to accept that she's just an immature teenage girl when she seemed so differrent and mature.... even moreso than most girls my age.


And while that's cute- you've also been fooled. Again, it's nothing personal- so don't take it so. When you're 17 and you being 22 (or so) is too big of an age gap. You should stick to the rule: half plus seven. For you it would be 22 divide by 2 equals 11 plus 7 equals 18. So in your case, the youngest you should be going is 18, only because when you're young the age gap seems so much bigger than the same age gap when you're older.


My bf is 7 years older but that's no big deal because I'm already legal have dated, have a job car etc. But if I was 15 and he 22, it would be no good, he's dated, drank, clubbed, held a job, probably has a car... and the rest of sorts...


So next time keep in mind those precautions about younger girls, and don't come here wondering why it happened. Consider youself having learnt something about younger girls and REMEMBER it. You're still young yourself so not to worry!

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