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found my soul mate but he is far away

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well I met this wonderful man on myspace way back in the beginning of march

we started chatting and quickly fell in love, and realized we must be soul mates because we would say the same thing at the same time, and often finish each others sentences and we have everything in common we are even both virgo, also he told me that his spirit guide told him we are soul mates and that we will have a love for each other that others will envy.

so anyway we both fell hard for each other and he called me about 3-4 times a day totally loving and intimate conversations we had, and we even started talking about marriage, well he flew all the way accross the world to meet me and within 2 days of being together he asked me to marry him, and I said yes,


so we spent a month together which was wonderful we got along better then anyone I have ever been with , then he had to go home, where he found his mother in the hospital, the night his mother died I stayed up with him all night on the phone because he was so upset and could not sleep.

well the very next day he go's with his best friend which is a female, and he has known her for 17 years well, he has been staying with her since his mother passed, and it has been very hard for me , because ever since he started staying with this girl, he has been more and more distant, we talk everyday but the conversations are those like you would have with just a friend and nothing more, there is no more loving talks or intimate conversation, when I say things trying to start up intimate conversation he wont really say anything back and then there is a annoying long silence .



also I used to write him poems and love letters often well I stopped wasting my time on that because he would never reply to any of them and it would totally make me feel like he did not appreciate them, there are a few times I asked him for intimate conversation, and he got mad and said that he cant do that where he is right now, I explained to him I did not mean phone sex as much as just spill your heart out to me like he used to ,but no he would not.

so I proceed to ask him, questions like do you still love me?. do you still want to marry me, he says yes and I ask him why ,and he says you know why!.



so anyway I started thinking maybe there is something going on between him and this girl but he swears he would never touch her, and she is just like a sister to him, but then I dont understand the distance he is giving me,



well on the bright side he has a ticket to come here in 16 days and from that moment on we plan to be together forever, and we are planning a beautiful christmas wedding, its just hard for me right now because he is so far away and, I dont feel much love from him anymore when we talk. so I feel like we are drifting apart, although I know once he is home we can rekindle our love. but still I am in pain because I need him now, I cant sleep at night, last night I was up till 2am crying because I feel so alone. any advice appreciated , sorry its so long.

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Blondie2008....I totally understand your situation. I am in a LDR myself and one night I received a text message from him that said "you are my soulmate." So, I totally understand how you must feel about each other and I have been in that situation myself. My boyfriend is 13 years older than me, and has had his fair share of relationships in the past. He has no kids, but he was engaged previously but the engagement fell through 7 years ago and he was crushed by it...he has since picked up the pieces and thus, he met me, where we felt an instant connection. I love him with all of my heart and soul and I know he feels the same about me. We went through a similar situation that you are going through....we had a period where our talks were shorter, less intimate, and a bit awkward at times. Nobody could explain why. It just happens. A week after the awkward period, he came to see me, and everything was perfect, wonderful, amazing, everything we had wanted. From then no, our love only grew stronger. I completely sympathize with your concerns. Your boyfriend is just in a tough spot right now, his mother passed away, and the distance between you and him is probably starting to be hard on him as well as on you. I would recommend lightly bringing this up to him...ask him if everything is alright, or if he needs to talk about anything. All in all, I wouldn't worry too much. He sounds like he really does love you very much. In 16 days, you will be together, and from then onm I can guarantee you that he will realize how much he truly does love you, and your flame will be rekindled like never before. Once the distance part ends, your relationship will only get better...and congrats on your wedding!! Hang in there, and keep us posted!! Everything is going to be fine!

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Your right, he really does love me, we just had a long talk and he told me the reason he is not getting intimate over the phone anymore, is he is waiting till we are together because he prefers to show me his love in person, it so much better in person. now I understand . thank you for listening.

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