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Applied for a job..

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So im a senior is HS this year and need a job bad. I recently saw a new store going in near my house, and took the liberty of emailing the new store, saying i was interested in a job..what day can i apply..when will it be open..etc.


I got emails back from a lady, and she ended up calling me and taking alot of info. I then went to the open job fair at the store which is still being built, and filled out an application. I then called back to follow up on it since tis been about 2 weeks,(my friend got called back a few days ago and had an interview yesterday, they asked him wha t size shirt he wore, when they were looking to do training and they wrote his name down on the 'hired' list) and i had an interview for this morning scheduled. I went this morn, and first off, they didnt have my application out and ready for when i got there, and asked me to fill out a new one. I did, then the manager interviewd me. At the end, he said he wasnt sure if he neeeded many more people but he'd check on one section of the grocery store to see if i could work evening shifts. He then said thank you, he'll let me know by the `18th and that was it.


So, what are my chances? Im kind of put off by this whole day...i feel as if he thought i could only do one department in the store even though i said anything. He didnt seem to like that i ahd wrist surgery 6 months ago, and just coulnt do heavy lifting? IDK, im just nervous cause i put in alot of time and calling and such tog et a job there.

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Is your wrist still bothering you? Unless it's certain condition that may prevent you from doing the job I wouldn't mention it to any employer unless they are specifically asking for any medical condition (not sure if they can or not).


But you should applaud yourself for pushing yourself to get a job. I know so many people around your age that don't have that type of a drive.


Job interviews and landing a job sometimes could be very challenging and it does consume a lot of your time. Sometimes you can send out 50 resumes and you may hear from only few. Did you post your resumes on major sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, etc? More exposure is a good thing


If anything, keep applying and I'm sure you'll find a new job quickly!

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Thanks, he asked why i left my previous job, and it was because i was going to have surgery. Im just really stressed and irritated, cause my friend didnt do ANYTHING but submit an application, and ive called, emailed, showed up...and still i feel like im not going to get in. Its really close to my house and would be so convenient, and i really wanted to work there. My friend is also a year younger than me, and doesnt even have reliable transportation to work, and Im 18 and do. I also have previous experience in this type of store, and i just feel like im more qualified. Maybe thats being too confident.

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I just sent an email back to the lady i have been emailing from the store. I told her that although i did have surgery, i am fully recovered and it did not affect what i could do in terms of working and left and such. I told her that i thought i gave the wrong impression to the manager at the store, and wanted to clarify.

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