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There is light at the end of the tunnel I promise


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Hey everyone I went through a rather rough break up in January this year and thought the pain would never go away. I realized after about 4 months that the no contact was the best thing that ever happened. I tried to contact him a few times to only be pushed to voicemail. I made myself believe that he would get back with me he jsut needed time to realize. Well that didn't happen.


What did happen though was that a friend of mine that I knew for 2 years finally told me how he felt about me we started seeing eachother. I had a thing for this guy friend ever since I met him but he had been seeing someone. I just want everyone to know that I have never been happier and truly believe that things happen for a reason. I am with a man now that cooks for me, runs bubble baths, lays rose petals on the bed and lights candles. I also came home from work one day to find that he used a full deck of cards to write miss me on my counter and made a heart. He is the sugar in my kool-aid.


I know how bad you ache right now. I have so been there but I promise you in time that pain goes away. And believe me when I say that this does make you a stronger person. If the person you pine for is the love of your life I hope you get him or her, but don't pass up something that could bring you more happiness then you can ever imagine.

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I am so glad it gives some of you hope. I don't miss the hurt I felt after the break up. In the very beginning he called me giving me false hope and I fell for it. I can remember laying on the floor crying and thought I would never feel better. O and we work for the same company...luckily different offices though. I know that at some point we will run into eachother but I truly wish him nothing but the best. I broke NC a few times and it is true that you always regret it afterwards. So try to stick to it bc the longer you stick to it the quicker the pain will go away.

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