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Ok so for those of you that have done this cyber dating thing before I think I need some help.. I met this girl last friday on another website forum and we began talking. I added her to msn and thats where things took off. We'd talk about lots of things and start flirting alot. At first I didnt think much about it, but now it just feels weird if I don't talk to her. So its still early on and I can't say really whats happening, but she has given me signs she's interested. For example she said she enjoys talking with me and when I ask her about it she says she likes talking with me. We've discussed the idea of txting and webcaming as well. The thing thats bugging me is I get good vibes with her when she's on chat. but when I msg her on the forum (when she's not online) my responses aren't as frequent and sometimes she doesnt even reply at all. Like today I asked her what she was up to on the weekend and if she wanted to try the webcam thing via PM in the forum. She read the msg but didnt respond. So I sent her another asking how her day was and after a couple more asked her about that specific PM...


She said she wasn't sure as she might be going somewhere this weekend.


So I'm just wondering should I be bothered abt this? Am I stressballing too much?



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