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What is your favorite thing to do with your s.o.?


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My favorite thing is to playfight. He pins me against the floor and I have to try to squirm out but it's an amost-impossible task since I'm laughing so hard.


I see my brother and his wife playfight all the time. She's always telling him to stop, but she's laughing so hard at the same time. They always mess around and joke with each other, lol. It's pretty funny to watch.

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Get up early on the weekend, take the dogs for a hike and come home and eat a huge breakfast


That sounds awesome. We live near a huge park (360 sq. km) so sometimes we go walking on the trails through there. We want to get bicycles and explore together.

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I love playing XBOX360 or PS3 with him. I feel comfortable, as if he's an old friend or a family member, because we joke around and try to beat each other in the game, but we also randomly give each other kisses and stuff, so it's still sweet.


I like dancing in public (at a park) with him.


I also like cooking for him.


I also like talking on the phone late and night till we fall asleep, then me waking up an hour later and pressing buttons on the phone to wake him up. Hehehe *evil*


I like it when we're driving places, with the music on, not saying much.


I like it when he's talking, leaning back on a chair, and I'm looking at the mirror doing my eyebrows, listening to him.



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