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hi all...quick question...I am on the 28 cycle bc pill and I am in a long distance relationship, but am going to see my bf this weekend. Just to make sure, I can have sex with him the last few days of my sugar pills right? it makes me nervous that I'm not taking the actual pills on the same day as having sex, but I'm sure I just need to trust the system. any thought would be greatly appreciated!

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OK I'm back....So, I had sex on my last day of the sugar pill...my period was pretty much over. I then took the next day's pill the next morning, and have been doing so everyday since. It has now been 2 weeks since then, and the last few days my breasts have been very sore. its kinda freaking me out as I am afraid I am pregnant bcuz i had sex without taking an active pill BEFORE I had sex (because I was on my period week). And I cant take a test for at least another week, so I'm just wondering what your thoughts are.


I'm just wondering if you for sure cant get pregnant when you are on your last day of your period week or if it is possible that maybe my cycle is shorter or something, i ended my period, and didnt take the active pill soon enough? Can someone try to clarify this for me, or at least give me some peace of mind



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