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What can you do to help your SO if he/she is not satistify with life ??


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Hey guys,


My GF is not really happy with her life right now. basically worked her ass off after she got out of college and still really getting no where. She is almost 30 but only making ends meet with credit card debit from school payment, rent, car payment, insurence, in a dead end job with no foreseeable future money or career wise.


What can her other half do to help? or What should her other half do?



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If you take on this responsibility, you are bound to be sorry for it in the long run. People make themselves happy, while significant others only exist to compliment their life. Don't internalize her struggles because nothing good will become of it.


Empathy, understanding, thoughtful words, the occasional neck massage.... all are great and welcome. However, feeding too much into her depression (if that's what it is) might even make it more likely to assume that you are somehow partially responsible for said depression. When people think "I just need to change this, and I'll be happy", the SO is one of the first places they'll look although it's the SO that so rarely is the cause.


Also, she should have friends. Friends beside the SO are great for this kind of thing. That's what they're for. Let them do their job. If she doesn't have a lot of friends, then she should be working to right that.

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