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Is this what is right?


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Hello a little background,


Me and my girlfriend of almost 1 year broke up nearly a month ago, well she broke up and we continued seeing each other like we were still together.


Anyways, there were some issues on my part being an immature guy, thinking of porn and lying, hiding things that really didn't matter beacuse I was afraid of what I don't know probably that she would get mad at me.


well about 2 n a half months ago I told her about thinking about porn and all of the lying and hidding things from her, needless to say this hurt her very deeply and since then every 2 or 3 days when I feel like she is doing great making headway into healing from the pain I caused her we get into a fight about some other thing she remembered that I said to her forever ago that adds to her feelings.


Today I finally made her tell me what was best for her she came to say after wanting to be with me and whatever that what is best for her is to not see me.


She has said this alot but I ran after her not wanting to lose her, feeling like she was saying it out of anger, but this time I said ok and told her I understood and I want whats best and I hope that she has a good life and finds a guy like she used to think I was, which was in her eyes, perfect, said bye and hung up.


Does anyone have some advice......I mean should I really not talk to her and if so how do you deal with leaving the first person you ever loved. Im 19 im not in high school love, its genuine, I would give my life to make her happy.


What should I do?

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its more of a statement by her, I never felt like we really ever broke up.


I think it makes her feel better when she looks at other guys, thinking hey we broke up its alright, we still see each other every day and it seems kind of odd to me that she expects me to not look at girls like when she looks at guys, anyway back on subject.


I hurt her and made improvements on myself so that I could be a better person for her, she is extremelly hurt and doesn't know what to do, it is causing kind of pushing me away from her and she just hurts herself evertime she brings it up.

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I read your post with a lot of mixed feelings .


First, you both are very young..and you said yourself you are quite imature.


I am not sure if imature relationships can survive. I have never had a problem with my boyfriends watching porn. I even like watching it myself sometimes..I repeat " sometimes. " I think the key to accepting porn, is appreciating it for what it is. It has its place and shouldnt be an excessive enjoyment.


In regards to looking at other guys and your still around is classic classic case on ena as " having your strawberry filled cream cake and eating it " lol.

Dont waste time with that, she is hurting " you " and you are hurting you. STOP THAT NOW.


Dont bother call her now. She sounds very imature and her telling you to go away might be her playing a little game. Dont succumb to the rubbish.


You have a lot of working on yourself to do. Are you in school? Dont let this take over your life as your still young and have your whole life ahead of you.



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