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So i heard someone say the same way you enter a relationship is the same way you exit it. So if you entered a relationship under bad terms or a lie you can expect it to end the same way.



So assuming thats true...


What if your S.O cheats on you and then goes into a relationship with another person that knew about you will their relationship end in a similiar way?


I find it funny when people say karma doesnt exist..my ex cheated on her ex at the beginnin of the relationship(claims she wasnt in love..like thats an excuse) her ex never found out but cheated on MY ex at the end of the relationship and left her for someone else breakin her heart. To me..thats karma...what do you guys think?

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Karma or not... there is a reason why people end up in many of the situations they do. Often circumstances has deeper roots within themselves, rather than just being coincidences.


Many people end up repeating themselves again and again.


Ok. thats another way to look at it. So when you say circumstances have deeper root within themselves..what do you mean? Can you go into more detail?

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Agree. Karma does not exist. Only probability and propensity.


It's nothing to find funny or karmic. You are just a very predictable person, and you associate with very predictable people.


Whoaa..how am I predictable? I DID not cheat my ex cheated on her ex. Shesaid it was only once and at the beginning of the relationship. She came right out and told me and since I was already really diggin her I didnt think it would be a problem..guess I was wrong tho.

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