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So I am going to just try to get to the point here. But the love of my life, the guy I thought and he did too would marry broke up with me about 5 months ago. We were long distance and started fights and he just said if it was right this wouldn't be happening. He also said I would never rule anything out in the future and yada yada. After 3 months of barly talking, me still so hurt, I cut off all ties. Said Do not contact me I can't do this, he refused to respond, he kept quiet at one point he said, so I can only contact you if I want to get back together with you, but quickly tried taking that statment back. He just said he didn't want to say anything so I sobbed and said goodbye. unfortunately we had a bump in and 2 conversations after that, one was fairly good. These were necessary convos not optional on either end (regards of a party invite and regards of an email he received that was for me) anyways... he texted me last week, he knew I was going away and said Hey have a great trip... I'm still getting emails about it! (he was getting my expedia ticket emails) I didn't text back till I was back and just said thanks, it was great. His friend noel i never met before I met on the trip and got me free passes to all the events at the xgames. So i felt the need to text my ex back and just said that it was great and noel is a great friend. That was it.

So I never put up pictures on facebook before (one i never wanted to, and two b/c I never had a camera) But i put pictures up of the xgames. They weren't bad a lot of the events one night of us out and we were out with noel. I put them up last night, my ex isn't huge on facebook and he had 6 pictures tagged of him. (no these weren't from the xgames photo album I made these were pictures tagged by other people) Of those 6 pictures there was one of me and him, the night from new years when he first said I love you. i checked this morning and his picture count was down to 5... he untagged the picture of me and him! I was crushed. Obvisously me putting up that album prevoked that but why would he have the urge to do that??

Please anyone help explain why his reaction was that way? And what should I take from it? I feel like he is deleting me from his life now, and I feel like I provoked this from simply putting up pictures??? I don't want to anger him b/c I feel like that might push him away? I just also don't know why he would care. Also it was not a coincidense... 2 weeks ago he had 8 pictures of him and he detagged 2... he didn't detag the one of us two together then... why would he do it now????

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Firstly, yea no matter what it is that you want to accomplish you should be focusing on yourself and doing what you want, not worrying about pushing him away. Not caring if you push him away or not, and instead caring that you are living your own life is what can bring him back anyways. It is also what is right.

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Thank you for your responses. I just guess I don't want my actions anymore to cause negative reactions from him. But I see what you are saying, everything he has done after the breakup has been bizarre to me, so I should have known something as weird as this would of happened. But you are right I need to live my life but need to do that for the right reasons not to win him back but to be content with me.

My outlook has been that even if he did come back now, I am not in a content place and don't think the realtionship would work regardless guess that also hurts b/c I don't think if I met someone else i would be in a right place to start that relationship either.

I guess i am stuck in a rutt and that is why I am still holding a bit onto the past but also wanting to let go and live my life.

I'm just sick of his bizarre actions and how they still kill me inside, and how they just confuse me more... I wish I didn't care

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