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what to say


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It's situational. If you're approaching in a bar/club scene and she says "I'm sorry, no thanks..." I'd probably say something like "No problem. Enjoy your evening," and then go hang out with my friends or focus on a new woman. Basically, you want to show that it doesn't affect your confidence without being a total jerk about it.


Saying something like "Your loss" just screams insecurity, so play it off like it's no problem. Don't ever apologize for asking out a woman though.

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Its hard to learn, I was always bad at it but im getting better now. Just dont pick the hottest girls and try to talk to them, try to have flirting conversations with less attractive woman, not because you want to hook up with them, but just to practice. Act confident and DONT over think the situation. Just dont be afraid of getting rejected because it happeneds to everyone, some woman just think they r hot * * * * and get satisfaction out of shutting a guy down so dont let it ever kill ur confidence. Like tyler said, just be respectful and move to the next girl.

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