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shame on me


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Shame on me for being the fool twice! Not again. I am going to ask him outright his intentions. Met up w/him, no sex, some cuddling. Perhaps he didn't get what he wanted. He's still being cordial though... * * * , really, guys if u didnt get some would u still be sticking around. We were emotionally intimate and now he is cold again... friendly but not intimate... someone help me understand!

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well this guy/friend, we are both in relationships, mine is ending, his, well i am not sure, he is hot and cold with me, wants to get together, cuddles w/ me, seems interested in me. I think there's something there, but then he acts like we are just friends. this is probably an obvious sign he is not as interested as i am. I guess it would be logical to assume he just wants sex? But then why doe she still email/call me back. Would guys keep up contact if thats all they want?

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While he is in another relationship, he is only interested in you for physical reasons. Don't assume he is going to end his relationship.

And don't take things any further, you are only going to get hurt.

Heal yourself from your own breakup. Then find yourself an available man to be with.

Your friend is stringing you along. Don't follow where he's leading.

You need to set stricter boundaries. Cuddling is definitely not okay.

After all, would you want your bf snuggling with another girl behind your back ?

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