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Please tell me that I am not alone when it comes to thinking that:

1.) It's okay AND possible to be happy being single (I feel guilty being single for some weird reason, like it's an unbearable duty?... but I don't want a relationship atm.)

2.)Somewhere out there, is a chance...that not all guys are the same

3.)That I'm still wicked young and I'll be fine.






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There is nothing to be confused about.


Whoever said that you have to be in relationship to be happy?


On the contrary, happiness can not and is not to be found outside of oneself. Nothing, no one can make you happy. Happiness has to do with who you are.


So, on that basis, it is absolutely possible and only possible to be found in you. Only then you can have a happy relationship, but a relationship is not a requisite for happiness.


And yes, you will find that speical someone for you, especially since you are so young, as you say.

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