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Hi my problem is that i was in a relationship with my x for 7 years she broke up with me in july 2003 we lived together for 6 years i moved out 2 weeks after she broke up with me. Well the reason for the breakup was that she needed to find herself so i left and we still had communication until now because we were friends first the problem is that we talked about the relationship and she said she was confused that she did not know what she wanted. Well she came back from vacation and still don't know what she wants on tuesday we were hasnging out together having a good time and she says that we could be friends but yet she gets jealous if my cel rings or if i go out with any girls that are just my friends. Also she has helped me to co-sign for a car and the latest was an insurance too she told me that she did this things because now she don't owed me nothing but yet i don't know what to think about it. She is always questioning me about who i go out with. She doesn't have anybody yet and neither do i my question is should i just not be her friend anymore or distance myself or what? i'm very confused of what to do. thanks

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