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7 dates on the go....


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So I joined this dating site, met a couple of chica's in in my home town and picked up a couple at this speed dating.


Over the course of the next couple of weeks I have 6 dates arranged and 1 girl I am really into through work but its complex.


Out of these dates, there is a couple of munters and 6/7's/8 out of ten.


I have already had to blow two previous out of the water as they are far too heavy about the nailbag(ass) and not to my liking.


I am worried that I am going to get in too deep with these girls and start calling them the wrong names or that? I actually keep a spreadsheet of their names and details just to remind me. My work is also suffering as I am constantly having to email them.


Any advice would be welcome.


Also what's the best way to drop a girl if she dont impress on the first date? Ignore her or hit her with it straight?


Thoughts folks?

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pimpin' - respect dude


Give them the "friends" speil. That usually kills it, and then never call them. You're a guy - play the guy card.



Nice advice man, I am not out for sex with these broads, I am looking for a girlfriend.


A bit of 'action' might be nice though.

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Dump the ones your not keen on before you even go on a date with them. Why even set up dates with munters anyhow? You're just wasting everyone's time.


Bit of practise? I have been out of the loop for seven years so need some experience. Its only a date as well. Some company for the night.

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Oh, I dunno, I do get that but I've done it and I can't think of anything worse than sitting staring at an ugly guy all night with a fake smile on my face wishing I was some place else. Shrugs. But I'm a woman. Do what you have to do.


He he, I like your style girl

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