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Just need a little bit of comforting???!

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I'm going away for a month tomorrow to work in an orphornage in Mexico all on my little own. I'm pretty nervous about it all as it's pretty damn far away, 12 hour flight and 4 hour bus journey or something ridiculous like that. Just need a few words of encouragement or something because it's the first holiday i've had in the past couple of years without my ex (we only just went away in May)


For those who don't know we broke up 2 months ago, 1 of which NC.

I been sobbing uncontrollably whilst packing my suitcase, just really miss how excited we both used to get when we were going on holiday together. I'm fairly confident i'll be fine once i get there, i'm just feeling really down and worried incase i don't have a good time coz i miss him too much. We used to share everything together and now it's like we don't know anything about eachother at all anymore. I dunno what words i'm looking for, just wanted to write it down. It's a big thing for me.

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Well i'm had a lousy summer so far what with the break up, literally all i've done is work, come home, mope about, come on here, watch tv, go bed, wake up, work...etc etc.


Just felt like i wanted to get away and do something a bit different, fed up of being here, knowing he's only 15minutes away. Maybe it is running away a bit i dunno, it's either that or carry on like i have been doing, and it's not getting me anywhere.


I wouldn't have even contemplated doing this on my own before but now it's almost as if i need to do it!


I am looking forwards to it, just not as much as i would be if he was coming, but i guess that's just normal to feel that way no?

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My love, have a great time. Let this be your healing time to have to yourself.


I guarantee those kids at the orphanage are going to be total sweethearts and soooooo happy you're there.


I have been to Mexicali (little border town on the border of California and Mexico, total s*** hole) to work with the poor kids there. Such little sweeties! They have nothing in the world, and will share what little they have with you in a heartbeat. I gave one of the kids there a stick of gum and she bit it in half and gave me half. Such a doll. Awwww I wanna go back.

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Wow, that sounds so cool. I bet it will make you fell tons better. One thing I started doing, and it will pale in comparison to your adventure is:


Going through a drive through every once in awhile, and paying for the stranger behind me. Then drive off, and hope I don't hit a red light. Just anonymous giving. I love it.


After I told my mom, she said there was a newspaper story in her little town in Indiana about that. It started one morning at the Starbucks drive through. The first guy in the morning paid for the guy behind him. It continued ALL DAY, no body broke the chain until the store closed. The last guy even when faced with a free coffee, bought the drive thru guy a cuppa joe. How cool is that?


Anyways, try it sometime. It will make you feel like a million bucks. One other thing that made me feel great, is I split my stimulus refund check in half and gave one half to a family I used to work with whose father has been needing a kidney transplant. They are over their head in bills. I mailed it anonymously. WOW it was a rush.

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