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ok, so recently i was in a long distance relationship with a guy i've known since 2ndGrade but we lost touch for about 9years. we found each other again on Facebook, and we were friends again. eventually, we became lovers. i learned to love him so much and i was even going to go see him. i was willing to work and earn this year, just to go see him. and he wanted that too. he even said he'd send me money if it would help. but then, 2weeks later he said that there was nothing happening between us and that it would be best if we just stayed friends. i cried, SO MUCH. but i accepted it. i didn't wanna force him to stay with me if he didn't want to. but it greatly broke my heart. well he said we'd still be friends. but guess what? now he won't even talk to me. since that day he broke up with me. i don't understand why he's doing this, if this is his way of getting over me then why'd he say he'd never leave me and that he's still always there for me? i don't kno what to think anymore. i love him, i still do. what should i do?

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