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He loves me He loves me not?

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Ok... this one is for guys although girls are welcome to answer as well


My question is: i have been with my boyfriend for 8 months and everything was so loveydovey at first. now things are way less romantic and well my boyfriend hasn't been the first to say i love you in weeks. i think he is really secure in the relationship, so i was wondering if this is a common thing. like do guys suddenly think i dont have to say things like that because you should now that i love you and i shouldnt have to say it.


This morning i was scratching his back and he said, i love it when you touch me baby, to which i said, i like it when you say i love you, and he replied, you mean you love it! jokingly. But he never said it. its just that i have been feeling unappreciated and well i love him so much that i am often the one asking him to hang out and well maybe i should just back of and let him realize that i am not going to take this forever. I might add that he was particularly nice driving me in to work this morning. it just seems to me like he hates putting and effort into most things.... even our relationship. but then, i dont know what is enough or not. i just feel like i have become a regular girlfriend and not the girl he use to call a million times a day, and couldnt wait to see.


so guys, do you think he is falling out of love with me or that he just doenst feel like he needs to tell me every day?

please replie

im a little shook up and confused!


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Even though you asked for guys responses, I had some insight I wanted to share.


Sometimes guys don't express their emotions very well, and perhaps he has decided that you should know how he feels and he doesn't need to say it. In this respect, the issue is not that he does not love you, it is that you view your relationship in different ways. He has reached a comfort level with you, whereas you may need reassurance through those three little words. It's not a bad thing to need that reassurance, we all do from time to time, but it is important to communicate with him.


I do strongly agree with what SwingFox said about communicating with him. Hints aren't going to get the message through. Unfortunately, sometimes people are just too dense to grasp what you are trying to tell them, and it is much better to spell it out for them. It sucks they aren't that quick on their feet, but everyone has their flaws and no one is perfect. I know it would be a lot easier for you if he could just catch on to the hints, believe me I know. I've had that problem before, and now thankfully have a very perceptive b/f. I strongly suggest you spell it out for him, and let him know that it is truly bothering you so perhaps you can understand the real reason.


In this way, you will know what his views of your relationship are, because it is also very important for both people involved to know where they stand with each other. That way nobody gets neglected, and nobody feels suffocated.


I hope that helped! Best wishes!

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