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Confused? OR over reacting??

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Last week i met someone online. he seems pretty cool. hes in the marine. hes in another state. so we been talking online and on the phone everyday for a week. i'm interesting in this person and want to get to know him more better. anyways, last i spoke was few days ago, i sent him a new photo of myself to him ( he knows what i look like). I'm no model. im not that all that. I'm adverage person. Afer that, i haven't talk to him ever since.. I feel like, he isnt interesting me because i sent him a full body photo of myself. or if he is busy... i know i shouldnt worry....just a bit confused..


we get along and joke around a lot and make each other laugh and etc .


so i dunno, if hes busy or just not interesting in me anymore.....guess, that leaves me a blank question....


i actually text him few days ago..and no replies.....

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