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what to wear on a date


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Tomorrow I am going on my first date in what seems like an eternity.


For a mid 20s male such as myself what's the best sort of outfit to wear. We're going for a pub meal so don't want to be too casual or too overdressed.


Any advice most appreciated.



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Montreal. If you walk into a regular shoe store here, at least 1/3 of the shoes on the men's rack are going to be some variation of those.


My husband probably has 7 pairs.


I like them because they look so clean.



Awesome to see the different styles depending on location... Thank you for posting!

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Well, whatever you do, make sure your shoes are clean and in good condition. Nothing says, "my closet is a complete mess and I need a woman to baby me" like dirty sneakers does.


Yeah for sure - no dirty sneakers...


I'm trying to remember what the guy wore during my last date....


Last one Khaki Cargo Pants, decent dark colored t-shirt, and flip flop type sandals...


Before that same thing, but polo shirt...


These were both really laid back dates..


OP, is it hot where you are?

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Well I live on the East Coast . . . .


I would say that NO shorts, no cargo pants or sporty pants of any kind, and no khakis please! One of my friends went on a date with a guy who wore polo, a pair of khakis and sneakers, tacky!


For a casual pub dinner date I'd stick with a nice pair of jeans, casual dress shoes (try to avoid sneakers unless they are fashion sneakers), or a clean polo top or button down shirt. It's also a turn on for me when I guy wears a nice cologne . . . a clean fresh scent though so nothing to overpowering. Good luck!

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ghost, what are "nice shoes" to you? I'm so curious now! Could you post a pic?


well, i'm skater punk. so i wear really nice skater shoes. let me see if i can get an example.


if it's general dinner or drinks it would be these.


otherwise i'd really dress up.

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