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hmm..what to think...

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I posted this yesterday




didnt really get too many replies on it...


My girl told me 'it's a surprise'


I've never really heard this phrase before. It seems like each time I see her she wants to go farther with me in bed .... we've reached the point where we've done all, but sex ... could this mean that ? I'm by no means a player, I will take it as slow/fast she wants to go ... How would you women use this with a b/f you havent seen in like a week and a half or ?


I just never heard this saying before yesterday .... anyone>

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I'm going to say don't look into it to much and just go with the flow, don't have any expectations otherwise you'll feel a little bit disappointed.


Have fun!


Im not looking for sex lol. I just want to know what's going on lol .... shes been a little distant the past week or so... or more distant that she was a month ago .... maybe she's somehow trying to make up for that ?

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You're either gonna get some or she's gonna be on the rag? I dunno.


Maybe she plans on being dressed up all sexy if she's normally a T-shirt and jeans type of girl...


Who knows. It could be anything she doesn't normally do.


Wait it out. Then tell us what she did on Thursday!


Ahaha , I dono maybe she's going to do that with the sexy clothes or the 'sex'.

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