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I think I've been having panic attacks...

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But I really don't know. I've tried researching it online, but I'm still confuddled.


My heart starts racing, I get really nervous and anxious, my chest constricts, my breathing gets shallower and I find it hard to breathe...I start shaking and I feel really sick. It last about five minutes then fades away REALLY slowly.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes they are panic attacks, i get them myself, and recently during my break up i've been having them more often than not. When you feel it coming on try and identify what set it off, i tend to start writing exactly what is going on in my head and then try to think logically about why i'm having these feelings, once you recognise it for what it is you can control them. If you fear them they only get worse, but at the very worse all that will happen is you will faint. its your body's way of preparing to fight or flight.


Trust me if you just recognise them for what they are and try not to focus on them they will go away.


I hope this helps. x

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Yes they are p attacks. Something in your life isn't right and you need to resolve it.


When i first met my GF she used to get them alot. I then found out she has an abusive father. It took me YEARS to prove that I'm a nice guy and that she could trust me. Eventually she stopped getting them and has now realised that the violence in her life is gone. She is far more relaxed around me now (I can be a bit grumpy and bad tempered and I think she thought she was at risk of violence - NEVER I'm not like that!).


There must be a trigger for the attacks. You just need to work out what it is.

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That sounds like a classic panic attack.


I used to have them and they are NOT pleasant.


As others have advised, try to identify the source of your anxiety, and remedy it.


I found yoga to be very helpful to me - (I don't mean in the middle of a panic attack

but regular practise will help you meditate, become conscious of your breathing and the rhythms of your heart, will increase physical wellbeing and promote sleep. It's a great natural antidote to stress.


Also, try and avoid caffeine and alcohol, although that's sometimes much easier said than done.


Talking with a counsellor will help if there are unresolved anxieties.

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Yes, I agree with everyone on here that it sounds like a panic attack. I have had panic attacks with similar symptoms. Everyone's panic attacks can be different, and some are more overwhelming than others. I have had many where everything around me goes dark and I passed out, and I've had some that were at work where I didnt think I could stay there. But it is good to know that they always pass, and you are not going to die. It would be good to go to the doctor to check your blood pressure and health, just in case it is something physical.


Panic attacks are anxiety and stress that is manifested in a physical way. Sometimes you wont even realize you are stressed or have anxiety, because it is hidden deep in your psyche and it chooses to appear through these symptoms. The best way to prevent panic attacks is by finding these stresses and working through them, also by learning about panic attacks and gaining control over them if you start to feel an onset of one. This is usually a type of meditation, deep breaths, telling yourself it is just in your head and not anything serious. Also, if they gat really bad, a psychiatrist can prescribe xanax or something to relax you if you start to feel this way. But those pills can be addictive and not good for you.


And finally, I dont know if there is scientific evidence, but I fully agree with everyone else that coffee, and other stimulants magnify the problem. Also alcohol can make it worse. The best thing you can do is eat healthy and exercise so that all your hormones and chemicals in your body are balanced. One time I had a panic attack after being hungover and drinking coffee to wake myself up. Bad idea...The combination really made my heart race, my hands sweat, and I started to loose my breath and black out...It is a horrifying feeling, and I'm sorry you have these episodes.

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