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Traveling cross country with a baby


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My boyfriend and I have decided that we are going to go to California to visit his famliy over Christmas. We have a son that will be just under a year old at the time. We will also be taking my 10 year old twin girls with us.


It is a 6 hour flight to California and then almost 9 hours on the way back. Any advice on traveling with a child that age?

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Many years ago, I flew from Detroit to Los Angeles with my son who was 11-months-old at the time. If you can avoid it, don't fly with a small baby! It was a nightmare! Take off and landing really hurt their ears and there is not much you can do about it except try to get them to drink out of their bottle at those times. It didn't work for me and his screams were earsplitting! I will never forget that flight. You haven't lived until your baby's bowels decide to go into over time and you end up with poo all over you because there is not an open restroom to be found on the entire plane. I never did that again!

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