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What signals should I be looking for?


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So yeah, things failed with this last woman, she seems perfectly content to spend the rest of the foreseeable future obsessing over a taken man, to have a relationship that can only exist in fantasy, rather than have something that's real with another guy (me).


But that's not what this thread is about. Another thing that upsets me is how she raised the bar far past what Amber could achieve before her as to what signals could be considered as signs of dating interest.


If asking you to play several games of pool, drinking with you at the bar long after everyone else has left, asking to take her home, willing to go outside her group of friends to meet your firends, invting you to join her kickboxing class, inviting you to go canoeing and painting, initiating IM's about every other day, taking pictures of eachother when said canoing, is willing to get almost drunk with you, compliments your pool playing style even though you lose, laughs at your lame jokes, sits next to you on a bench in the park at night sharing a beer, asks you to dinner, and all that jazz should not be mistaken for signs of at least a little interest, what the signals am I supposed to be looking for?


After this woman, the only signals I can reasonably think hint at an interest are someone laying a big wet one on me and admitting her attraction straight up front.

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I know the feeling man. I have alot of female friends with which I have very open friendships, and it can be Very hard to tell the difference between a truly kind act and a "signal". I've even had it go as far as to cuddle with them on the couch while watching a movie, and it stays platonic on their end (but drives me crazy!).

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