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24 y/o with Performance Anxiety/ED


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Hey all,


I'm 24, 6'4 and 200 pounds. I've been with my girl for 2.5 years and am very much in love. But I've been having problems in the bedroom. 3 weeks ago during sex I felt myself going soft and ended up losing the erection. Ever since I've not been able to have penetrative sex. The little guy just wont go up.


It feels like classic performance anxiety but no matter what I do I can't seem to get my head past it. I keep worrying that it might not work and of course it doesnt. Its even gotten to the point where I can't get it up all the way by myself.


Any advice? I'd like to talk to my doc about viagra or something, just to get back on my feet mentally. I know theres alternative products out there like maxoderm but I can't help feel like thats a scam.

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do you still use a condom, because it's harder for me to keep it up with it on. I would bet you guys r using BC pills though. It may be worth seeing your doc about though, maybe just run through some of the best times in bed in your life and see if you can get yourself excited that way.

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So what does your height and weight have to do with this?


I only ask because by you posting your stats, that made me think that you are possibly in some kind of work out routine or something. If so, are you taking any supplements? There are some supplements out there that can cause you to lose your sex drive. If so then I would look into getting an aid supplement that balances that out.


If you are not taking any supplements and this just something that happened out of the blue then I would not worry about it too too much. Give it about a week or so and see if the problem takes care of itself. Your could just have a sickness that is disrupting your ability to perform.

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