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Love Part Two


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Dare I turn to you again?

It was never you who hurt me

You never left me


You aren’t something that can be lost or found

You are always in me

Fighting fear alone

Looking for a reason to grow


Was it you who spoke to me all those lonely nights

Telling me to hold on

Hold on to you?

Hold on because of you?


You aren’t something that can be given or taken away

You are within me

Longing to be understood

Waiting to shine


The world is not devoid of you

Because you are still in my heart

Still in my eyes


When I can not turn to you

You will turn to me

because you’ll never leave me.

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This started out as a very different poem which had the line


"It took a moment for her to be took away

but love stayed, it would not go away."


I really wanted to bring accross how that love is in our hearts and that is something that is within ourselves and that love is a bond we share. And real love is an unbreakable one at that.


The title is a nod to the Dexy's Midnight Runners track "Love Part One"

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Maybe you should write the other poem as well, too. That's a great beginning...


It's so hard to see through the thicket of missing the flesh-and-blood form of the person who we love. But what you saying is so true -- if that is taken, that is only a piece of the picture. The love and the bond, and what was known and shared, really cannot be scathed by death. History, our personal history has been made and writ and there is no taking it back. I do believe that we become infused with the nature of this person's love, with the elements of their soul, to the point that it's just part of our matrix.


And heck, anything Dexy's gets a nod from me, too. (Suddenly I don't feel as old, if you're hip to Dexy's! )

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