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Really confused..

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ok i met this girl about 5 months ago and we became friends and little by little i like her more every day. Then she starts calling me every day and texting me while im in school. She is the type that wants to have fun right now but ever since i told her im interested in longer relationships she kinda slowed down and talks to me more than any of her other friends. So for Christmas break she has a very good friend who she was interested in the summer before come and visit her from out of state. So she tells me that we all should hang out and all but i said nah u guys probably gonna hook up or something ill stay out of the way. But then she comes to me after they go out a couple times and she tells me that he isnt exactly what he was before and that she only wants to be good friends. So i decide a few days later to ask her out and she is really happy and all. However, her friend starts to open up to her and they kinda get closer...so she talks to me for only like 5 minutes a day and we didnt even go out while he was there. Ok i mean i understand that thats her friend thats coming to see her from out of state and all but i mean she can at least talk to me for a while on the phone. So i call her and im real serious and instantly she calls back and says OMG UR NOT GONNA BREAK UP WITH ME ARE YOU??! So i go no but u need to tell me if you arent interested anymore and she said no she still is and to give her time. So this guy leaves yesterday and we go out today. After a while she gets real quiet and i ask whats wrong and she says she really misses him. And she comments about how her mom wants her to marry him. So im kinda confused on what i should think about all this i mean she is gona go up to see him and her brother during spring break...she said she likes me and assured me that her and dude were only good friends. But i dont know what to make of everything, i mean if its only gonna be a temperary thing i dont want to get hurt because i know that im falling for this girl. Ive been hurt before and im very scared of it. Please guys tell me what you think i really need some more minds on this subject.



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Well, she was happy with you at the beginning, so I am sure that she still likes you. I hate to say this, but she may be interested in this other guy despite the distance. If she is not seeing him again for a while, then stay with her. Be yourself. She may come to like you more than the other guy and thus you will not have to worry about when she sees him again.

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first off thx very much for replying. Ok i asked her out while he was here visiting...but at the time she said things were awkward between them. A short time after they began to get along better and now she says she really misses him and commented about her mom wanted her to marry him. for spring break shes gonna go up and see him and her brother and next year shes gonna go to college in another state...so i mean is she just using me for now? if thats the case im afraid that we will become much closer then she leaves...i dont know im so confused...PLZ HELP!!!!!!!

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