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How manly should a man be?


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I always have this feeling that I am not manly enough. I am scared of a lot of things - spiders, snakes, dogs, cockroaches, lizards and so on. I can't make quick decisions(I heard women like that). I don't think I behave normally when I have to face my fears.


This is one of the reasons why I am scared of marriage and long term relationships. I just don't think I am manly enough to be a good husband and a good father.

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It is not a measure of a man that he has fears - it is how he deals with his fears that really matters.


I agree.. My father is very afraid of snakes does that make him less of a man? Heck no I have seen him knock guys out with one punch. Was he less of a father? NO in fact he was a better father because it made me see that it was ok to be afarid of things and that it was ok to admit it.

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Being manly does not mean not having fears. We all have fears - it's a part of being human.


I think different women have different perceptions of what manliness is, to a certain extent. Some women are impressed with chivalry, some women equate manliness with muscles, etc. etc.


For me, a guy is manly if he has confidence to speak his mind and the ability to stand up for himself/not be a pushover. There is also manliness in mannerisms, i.e., if a person uses too many hand gestures while talking, he will seem unmanly to me.


You mentioned the ability to make quick decisions as a characteristic of manliness. For me, it's not so much the ability to make a quick decision but the ability to think logically through problems and make rational, solid decisions, rather than rash, wishy-washy decisions.


Also, once in a relationship, manliness means the ability to make me feel safe, both emotionally and physically.

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