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My friend accused me of things which I did not say.


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My friend has accused me of sayings things which I did not. This has made me very angry, and he could not even tell me in person, only on facebook. We are very good friends, and pride ourselves on being completely honest with each other, well at least I am.


The only thing I can admit to is being a bit rude, that's it. He has told me when i have been though, and I am quick to apologize. However, he is the kind of guy that cannot take a joke - ie. If I told him he was 'pathetic' in a joking manner, he would take offense; but I learned my lesson and don't act that way around him.


What should I do?? I still want to be good friends with him, but this incident has made me feel very angry.


I am thinking about just admitting defeat, but that just seems wrong.

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You could try talking to him about it, and tell him how it's upset you, if he realises how he has made you feel, he should apologise and you'll feel better, but if he argues that you did say things, all I'd do is ignore him until it blows over and maybe he'll try and talk to you about it himself.

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