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Just a general "Life isn't fair" issue.


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So there's a girl that i rather like that was in 1 of my classes last semester.


This semester i knew we had 2 of the same classes so i was hoping we'd end up togethor, but we got put in different timetable spots.


The other day i had my timetable changed so it'd fit better around work, then i found out that she was in the one i was changing too and thought "Yes!".


Then i go to class and find out that she had her timestable changed to be in the one that i was in at the same time.


now she's in the class i was in before and i'm in the class she was in before.


Screw the added convenience that this schedule gives me, It woulda been worth having a flightly inconvenient timestable to stay in that one with her if i'd known.


*Bangs head into wall*


*Life* *Just* *Isn't* *Fair*


I guess now i have to be a little more aggressive about it and find a way to catch her outside of class ](*,)



And i forgot my coke at the drive through on the way home

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