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Can I ever win?


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so i have been with my gf for 5 months but we have been friends of 2 years. When we are together we are perfect but its when we are apart all we do is fight. Her mom doesnt like me and i feels like ever day that goes by she hates me more. She is the youngest child and only girl so i can see how her mom is protective. The thing is latly her mom never lets her go out and i know its because she wanted me out of her life. It feels like i am in a tough spot becase if i get mad for her spending time with her mom i look like a jerk but is it selfish for me to want to spend time with my gf. I dont dont see this ever going my way where i can see her anytime i want. She is 19 but she is forced to listen to her mom. I love her so much but theres not more i can take. What should i do? It seems like as the weeks go by im getting less and less time with her like im at the point where i feel forced to leave her life because its what her mom wants. And im not the only person it seems that her mom never llikes her friends and that probably why other then me she really doesnt have any. What should i do?

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Maybe you guys should go out to dinner take her mom with you and just be nice. Once her mom sees that you are a good guy , she would be nice to you. Dont ask her to talk to her mom , thats going to get her defensive about her mom .


Better to take it casually and not to seriously , i mean show her you are a good guy rather than confronting her .

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