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Well, it's been a year since I've broken up with my most recent ex. I just felt the urge to post this. Any comments would be appreciated. I've done the usual things to get over it; working out, hanging with friends; dating new girls; working on 'me' and all that. I feel that I long since over any of the anger, resentment and sadness that I felt because of the break.


I am quite in control of my emotions and being an avid poster here, back during enotealone's conception I handed out my fair share of advice. Even had one of those nifty "special titles" I'm just trying to say I know the game well.


I'm dating a new girl now. I'm actually quite fond of her. We get along great and she is a lot of fun. Yet I find my mind wondering to thoughts of my last ex.


today has been an especially low day oddly enough. I can only guess it's because this time last year is when we broke it off. It's silly because I know now that it couldn't have worked at least not the relationship that we initially formed. We got along great and we shared some pretty intense, passionate feelings for each other. Truth be told it was the most intense relationship I've ever had.


I have felt 'love' before but that was something... well I'm still hear talking about it a year later so I think that speaks for itself. Oh I don't know what I am hoping to accomplish by posting this message. I guess I just want to get it off my chest.


Me the other girl still contact each other frequently and we are friends still. I think part of our friendship is based on a dream that we will some how end up together? I don't know. We still share a strong connection to each other. Even accross 1000s of KM and between email and infrequent phone calls. I still feel as close to her as I did the last time I saw her a year ago. Odd eh?


Oh I just need to vent I think because of the memories being pushed to the surface.


I guess all I can do it just do what I have been. I'm with a really awesome girl right now. Every day I spend with her I feel even closer to her. It isn't that amazing whirlwind romance that I felt with the last girl. Though honestly I don't think I could handle something like that again.


The other girl is moving on too, has her new man and is doing all the things she needs to do to move on. I do wish her the best. She tells me she just wants me to be happy too. Though I think I sense the same pain behind her words as are behind mine.


Eh... love.

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