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Less Drama As We Age..I Can Attest to That One, I Think.

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(I like ENA. Nice Guy vs Alpha Male?? How often in my Platinum Membership have I read that one?)


That wasn't what I came to write, that was an aside.


I feel like I've made such progress. To quote Nick Hornby, or roughly, "Then, unhappiness really MEANT something, now it's just a drag, like having a cold or no money".


To be like this by 20 is either a great shame or a great triumph.


"You'll grow out of it", they say. You want to hit them. But they are right.


I find life pretty amusing as a whole.


Which is an enormous contrast to where I was not so long ago..what..two or three years ago? I was reading through many of my old/early postings on here the other day, and mostly I was laughing. I don't find severe depression amusing, certainly not. But the sheer energy I gave so obviously temporary life situations/problems is laughable, my self absorption is just mindblowing.


Thank goodness I didn't kill myself, I needed much time to improve. To ripen, like a banana.


It's a good thing I'm giggling, or I'd nearly die of embarressment.

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Ahhh the good old days. I have learned life only sucks more as you get older. On that note I was kind of an angsty teen. I definitely had my growing pains. With that said I look back and I would love to go back to that time and have only those "major problems." they seem like a cakewalk compared to what I have to deal with now and I do not like it. I personally think no matter waht chances are the ages of 12 to 24 are the absolute best years of your life unless you go through a majorly traumatic childhood.

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I have yet to read any study/paper that confirms that ^. In fact, in middle age, positive perception of life goes UP.


Read around a bit

Its probably just me. I am going through a time in my life that is much more difficult than anytime I remember. Hopefully by middle age things will have ironed themselves out.

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Hey Anti~~~ So good to see you around and doing well Girl!!!


Isn't it funny how one moment in time can seem to be so terrible, we can become so caught in that moment / that thought, and sometimes realize that eventually, we will look back and think "Oh Gawsh! I did that? I was that caught up with that?" It's sad to know how much we ached when we look back a litte more distant from the specific problem but it is amazing to see how much we've grown.


I've had many "I can't believe I handled that that way" and "Oh my why didn't I get over that sooner" thoughts in my life. Just makes me enjoy my life now even more!

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