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Relationship Text Etiquette


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If bf doesnt reply me within like 2hrs and i know hes not busy i txt saying something like "thanks for replying my txt!!!!!" or watever n he replies saying oh sorry was ...., if he didnt reply after that i would wait till like 12am and call to say night and why didnt u txt me today. If he didnt pick up i would leave it till he replied.

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I'm certain my other half (it's a girl) does it on purpose. It's a little control thing. I texted her yesterday to say good morn, she replies with "good morn, whatcha up to.." kinda thing... I take several hours to get back to her because I'm looking after my goddaughter, but I do mid-afternoon. Then it's all silent, no reply to my text till I get one at 10:30am this morning asking how my weekend is. I reply, and well, here we are 6 hours later.


I suspect she'll say goodnight, but that'll be it. I wouldn't know if she's busy or not, and I have this feeling she's actually trying to make me feel insecure. I'm going to stick to what I'm doing though, waiting for her to reply before I text again and enjoying my lovely weekend.



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Sounds like too much work to me, M&D. Been down this road before, it's all just too much game playing ... it shouldn't really even be one of those things you have to think about, it's "if i want to call/txt, i do it". But to me, someone in a healthy relationship shouldn't feel like someone is being cold on purpose. If she i legitimately busy that's one thing, but otherwise, it's just inconsiderate, and says a lot about how much she wants to talk.


Just speaking from my experience. When I finally had a person come into my life who really treated me right, he never made me feel like I was hanging or whatever. As for prior boyfriends, it was the norm and look where those relationships ended up!

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