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Friend lied to me, not sure why


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For a long while, my friend and I had talked about how much we wanted to see the new Batman movie. I was really psyched to see it the first day, but he told me earlier that day that all tickets were sold out. When I looked for myself, I found out they weren't even close to being sold out. So I asked him about it and he insisted that when he tried to get tickets it said they were sold out. Then I told him that they weren't, so asked him what time he wanted to see it. Then he said he didn't have the money, but I said I'd spot him and he could pay me back in a few days. He didn't want to do that so he agreed to wait to see it the next weekend maybe. That was on a Friday. That night he had said he was doing this job and left for most of the night. I thought it weird that he found so many excuses not to go, but I dismissed it. He came back and told me this story of how he saw part of a bootleg version of the movie and now didn't want to see it because it looked lame, so he made it clear he didn't want to see it anymore. So a few days later I asked to use his computer because mine was on the fritz. And I found a movie ticket stub for Batman for that same night we didn't go. He insisted it was from a girlfriend of his that was there earlier, But he acted so weird after that and tried to make jokes but it all seemed so forced. He was obviously lying


So it kinda pissed me off that obviously, regardless of the fact we agreed to see it opening day, he made other plans with someone else, or some other group of people. Then didn't invite me, and lied about seeing it without me. I didn't push the subject any more, but now it bothers me. I can only come to the conclusion that he saw it with some other friends and didn't invite me to go along when I easily could have, he even went to the theater that we always go to right near where we live. I keep assuming whomever he saw it with he didn't want me associating with them; but why?? It just really pissed me off that he was obviously lying and then I had to go see it by myself. We've been roommates for a while, and since most of my other buddies have graduated and left here, he's the only friend I have to hang out with.


I've been thinking lately about trying to make new friends, because of my previous post

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Awww, I'm sorry. That really stinks.


Try not to worry about it too much. Since you say he's kind of your only friend and that you're room mates and all, maybe he just wanted a little space. I'm sure it wasn't that he doesn't like you or anything like that. When I see a person way too much, I don't start to dislike them, but I just kinda back off for a while and do my own thing. Then when I'm ready again, I'll hang out with that person more.


Maybe you ought to talk to him about him. Tell him how you feel about all of this, that you think he lied, etc. Try to work it out.

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I think that he should have at least told you up front what the deal was, good or bad. People can be full of (choice words ) sometimes. One thing you have to remember and something that i have learned is that, yeah this can be something that bothers you but at the same time, the other person is probably not even thinking one bit about it, so seriously, you just have to TRY and keep your mind busy with other things.

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