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Has anyone else had this procedure before?

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Hi everyone. This Friday I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed. I'm really nervous about it as I've never experienced general anethesia, nor had any kind of surgery for that matter. I'm not nervous to the point that I won't go through with the procedure, but I was just wondering if anyone (and I'm sure there are alot of you) out there can share their experiences with me and maybe give me some tips for a quick recovery. Thanks!

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The whole actually getting them out isn't bad. They give you an IV usually (mine did) & they put you to sleep during it. When I got it done, I just went in & fell asleep then the next thing I know is that someone is helping me walk into another room because it was all done. It was weird because it seemed like only 2 seconds later.


I'm not going to lie to you, it was painful for me. It depends on the person though. My bf just got his out last friday (i got mine out like 2 years ago). For him, its not so bad. For my sister it wasn't so bad either. Right after you get them out, they are bleeding, which was the worst part for me, only because I don't do well with blood. You have to keep these cloth things on it & you have to change them. It only bleeds for a couple hours though. I'm sure you've been told about all of this stuff by your doctor guy. I think the worst pain is on the first day, but your lip is like numb for awhile. Thats how it was for my bf, painful the first day, but the next days after that, its just sore. I suggest using ice A LOT! Your cheeks might swell up a little, but ice helps them not swell up so much, it also helps with the pain. My bf refused to put ice on his mouth, so thats probably why its so sore still. I just laid around for a whole week when I got mine out. My mom made me shakes & stuff too, so that was nice. As your going through all of it, you think it will never be better, but it does get better. You just have to properly take care of it & listen to your doctors advice about it. Don't get freaked out by what I told you. Most people have to get them out & I guess its better to get them out when your younger. Apparently having your wisdom teeth can cause problems. My dad hasn't gotten his out yet, but the dentist is now telling him that he might have to soon. Just don't worry too much about it because it will all be over within a week. Thats just from my knowledge though, I'm assuming its different for every one.

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I had my wisdom teeth cut out. For the first day after coming out of the anethesia you don't really know what is going on. You are still pretty well out of it. I had a bad experience with mine because I was allergic to the pain pills they prescribed for me. I was hurting, itching, and throwing up. Be sure you know what the allergic reactions are to look for. You will swell up pretty good, but don't worry it's not permanent, and you don't remember later how bad or not so bad it is. I don't want to scare you b/c it really isn't all that bad. Take it slow with eating. Oh fair warning too. When you are able to start eating you may get food stuck in the holes that are left. After a day or so a nasty odor is made from that food, and no matter what you do it doesn't go away. Don't worry when you go back for your check up they will give you a suringe to put water in and flush it out. They can't do that at first b/c that may cause dry sockets, and then you will be in some pain. Good Luck and don't worry it will be okay.

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I had 4 of my wisdom teeth out at one time. It wasn't that bad. Coming out of the anesthesia is weird cause it leaves you kind of groggy. Once that passes, your cheeks will swell a bit and you'll have a little pain, but not too bad. The Dr. should give you something for the pain. It's a pretty common procedure. And a good excuse to eat things like ice cream!

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I also had them out. When they put you to sleep, time passes instantly. So it seems like you wake up immediately after they put you to sleep.


I was very groggy for the rest of the day and it was kind of painful. But they give you pain pills to help with things. I was a lifeguard at the time and I went back to work too soon. When I blew my whistle, blood flew out of it So I had to take a few more days off.


Its not fun, but you heal from it really quick. It will be ok. Good luck with it.



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Hey everyone.


I had them taken out on Friday (its sunday now, so its been 3 days). It hasnt been too bad except that the lower ones still hurt enough to keep me home, and I swelled up pretty nicely. Also, I'm still having problems eating. I feel like an old person cause I eat so slow. I end up getting tired of eating and dont finish what Ive made. Dont worry, I'm eating enough. Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences with me.

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