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Would you guys go out with an old teacher of yours?


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I'm curious...

Would any of you ever date an old teacher of yours??? Say from a while back... like... I dunno... elementary school (in the later grades)


I know lots of kids get crushes on some of their more attractive teachers in elementary school (and in general), so what would you do if you were now old enough to date the teacher? Lets say he/she is now in their early/mid 30's and you're in your late teens/early twenties...


I ask because one of my old teachers recently added me on facebook and we've start private messaging and what not... I find her *very* attractive in an older lady type of way. Part of me wants to, but the other part would feel weird. I do like older women... I think it's kinda hot, actually.


What would you guys do, and what do you think?


Stories of similar experiences are encouraged

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I doubt it. I'd have a hard time imagining any woman that taught me in elementary school (an age where peeing in your pants wasn't out of the ordinary) could envision me as a romantic partner. Also none of my elementary school teachers I found attractive and none were young.


If I did have a hypothetical hot teacher that was now only in her 30's, I probably still wouldn't unless she was giving me very very crystal clear signs, and even then, the best she could hope for from me would be FWB status since I can't ever imagine taking her home to my parents and going "hey you all remember Mrs. Simpson from grade 3, you met her at the parent teacher conference 12 years ago...now she's my fiance !"

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I'm talking more about having a "thing" with her... not full out "going out". Guess I should have clarified. This was one of my teachers from later elementary school- like grade 8, at which point I was 13 and was humping anything that had legs. lol. Like I said, this teacher in particular is *very* attractive. I wouldn't bring 'er home to the parents though as I'm sure we all would think of that as weird...

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Well I did have this Spanish teacher in high school, maybe not quite as hip as the algebra teacher, but she still had a nice couple of her own merits. Fast forward 7 years later and I'm working IT at a local technical college. And I'm leaving work one night wasn't really looking who was ahead of me, but as I go out the door she asks if I went to such and such high school and I'm like yeah, and she asks Blank Roden? And yeah. So we got to talking. Turns out she was taking some classes there and stuff.


Let's see, I think she was in her mid to late thirties so a practical relationship wouldn't work, though I wouldn't have argued against something more casual. But alas, it will never be known. For in the next four months I worked there I only saw her once but I was helping a client. And then I got fired so there goes that. But I never thought of the Facebook idea.

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My economics teacher from my senior year of high school was totally hot. I so would have dated him until I found out he was dating a friend of mine and was a total jerk. Apparently all he talked about was himself and didn't care about much else. Oh well! Glad I wasn't dating him!

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It'd be something to talk about at a reunion.


I had a teacher my senior year of high school who was pretty young and hot, and I'm pretty sure she liked me. Her and my 5th grade teacher I'd consider...


My 1st grade teacher was pretty good too but she was a total b***c to me...always blaming stuff on me that I didn't do. -_-

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