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Like A stranger......

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I don't know her one bit, iv'e only made eye contact with her. I'm not in the situation where shes always sitting by me or somthing so I can't just talk to her casually if I wanted to talk to her I'd have to go up to her.. and try to chat but for what, I might as well say will you be mine or somthing instead of trying to be someone shes known for a long time, a close friend which I am not, I'm almost like a stranger to her, Only through eyes have I spoken to her without words....


I still don't know her, never talked to her one bit....how do I..what do I say

Shes a freshmen I'm a Sophmore in highschool, what do I do..... ....I'm pretty sure she knows my name atleast........But yet I don't know what to do because I'ts very hard to just walk up to her in school for know

reason and start tryin to chat....because shes never really by me always a ways away.....she may know I like her... what ?????I've never talked to her....how should i approach this....personally???what do I do....theres know way I can just approach her with a friendly chat without having her knowing that I want to start a relationship with her.. anyway...WHAT DO I DO!! cmon don't let me down i need some serious advice....

How do I get this girl........

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Well, well, well. This situation is a bit of a bastard is it not? I have found myself in a similar situation with a girl that I like. I was in a class with her during both semesters of school last year, but was unforntunate this year because I was not in any classes with her. During first semester, due to the scheduling of our classes, I was presented with many an opportunity to talk to her. I was on my lunch, and she was on her way to class. I really do love her, but I could not think of a way to start a conversation, based on the fact that she was on her way to class. Whenever I saw her though, I was usually with someone and if I were to say hi, they would obviously pick up on what was going on (no one knows that I like her). As the days progressed, the situation became more and more awkward - I mean, if I wasn't saying hi to her at the beginning of the semester, why would I all of a sudden start, little suspicious eh? By not saying hi in the beggining, I screwed my self and this semester, I don't get any chances to see her. well, that is my sob story.


As for you, just go up to her some time when she is alone and ask her out - she obviously knows that you are there.


Best of luck

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Well, I think many people have been in this situation. My bf and I started this way...we were in class together and always made eye contact to eachother, but neither of us had enough guts to talk. A semester passed and he got up the courage to talk to me...thank god! He just waited for me to leave class and made his presense known. Actually I striked up the conversation first by saying something about the class or the teacher and how long it seemed to take before we finally got out. He took it from there. He walked me out of class every day and we just exchanged small talk. We were both really nervous, but its 9 months later and we are living together now. What would've happened if he hadn't approached me? I would suggest trying it out this way...walking with her out of class and saying something like, "did you think that test was hard?" or "man, I am always glad when this calss is done!" or if its a cool class say something in regards to that. It will be tough but you will kick yourself if you dont follow thru. If you want to sort of ease into it, cross her path once in a while and just look at her in the eyes and say, "hey" as you pass by. Then after a few times of doing that, it may be easier to talk after class...hope this helped. Go for it!!!

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I am not an expert here... but I do have some tips and tricks. First of all, what made me wonder is:

mean, if I wasn't saying hi to her at the beginning of the semester, why would I all of a sudden start, little suspicious eh?

Whoaaa... why not? I would! I am sure that if this girl is interested in you, she won't mind... *grins*. Look at Mermayd's situation... 9 months later. They're living together. Like Mermayd says: it really doesn't have to be fancy. Just give her a compliment left and right will do the trick very well. Say something like: "Hey ... I like your sweater!!" or "Wow ... you smell good, what is it you're wearing?". No matter wether a girl is interested in you or not... she's flattered and you have her attention.


Have a little faith. The worst thing that can happen really, is she not being interested in you. I hope this helped you... good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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I can honestly say that I had been there. I think the best thing to do is just talk to her. Any guy is nervous when he approaches a woman for the first time so dont stress(she probably feels a bit shy or nervous too). I always remember the women that I never had the guts to talk to (and wonder hows things COULD have been)- not the ones that rejected me, so if you dont talk to her you will never know how she feels. I suppose the best advice I can give is talk to her as you would talk to a friend, calm, casually and just relax...Good luck


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