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Last and final update on my situation

MD Geist

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Well last night was a huge night for me and it had built up so much pressure and emotion behind this I had alot of people basically fallowing me around on this story to figure out weither or not id finally you know just ask her out...


Last night I think went well after our small group let out of the service I pulled her away from friends and brought up the question I had asked her a couple weeks back, after the second question she already knew I had interest in her and I proceeded to tell her how I felt which was a great, no strings attached till it was her turn and then was quiet like a pin drop.


She said some great things in reply however she just doesn't feel the same way about me as I do about her.


Also her imput was your a great guy and one day you'll make some lucky girl out there a very happy woman is what she said and such but the good news is we arent looking at each other any diffrently like i was worried we are still good friends and we huged afterwords before calling it a night.


I think things did go great for a change I mean I have had nothing but bad experiences with the oppsite sex but this time it wasn't a bad experience at all and I think our faith really helped us out in this situation cause she is actually the first girl I asked out who was a christain like myself.


However the long effects did take a toll on me because its like I did everything I could I felt like I was going to finally do but it didn't happen. I can't be disapointed either in myself because the situation turned out for the better and not the worst I felt like there was nothing else I could have done diffrently. I did break a nasty cycle that I kept going into and she came clean and told me straightup why atleast. At the same time I do feel alittle down.


From here on Iam going to get back to buiding my business and kind of close my mind off from women and dating, love and sex. My is well needed in that area of my life right now. However I just kind of wish she could have been there on my journey.

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You did a good job in asking her out. I think you should ask yourself whether you think you are making the same mistake over and over again when you are asking out girls. It's one thing if you get rejected by one or two girls. It's another thing if you go through a long dry spell.

with women.


It's possible that you are making the same mistakes in your approach. I was reading a post from a guy in another website. He said that if you keep on trying really hard without getting any results, you might lose confidence. He also said that not thinking outside the box could lead you to stagnation as you keep on doing the same thing even though it's not getting the results you want. I think it would be a good idea to ask a friend, a girl, or maybe this website for feedback on how you approach women. Someone might be able to pickout a blind spot that you never realized. Frequently, I needed to ask the advice of other people, because I specifically do not know what I did wrong or right in a particular


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I have asked many friends(mostly women) about that and they said Iam good at approaching them and not shy.


However I think its mostly self consisous about my inexperience thats my problem knowing that I have absolutely no experience with women in relationships is brand new for me and I donno what to do nor don't know how she would react.


I must say though I have had very little success with this past experience something I didn't have prior to this happening so atleast I made very little improvement.

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